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Step into a pain free world

THE way you walk and run can lead to aches, pains and injuries, and something as simple as specially made shoe inserts can correct your gait relieving numerous problems.

That is podiatry in a nutshell, a biological science little known in this country which looks at the biomechanics of human movement. Americans consult their podiatrist as often as their dentist, and research suggests that large numbers of the population, both young and old, would benefit from treatment.

Now North Craven state-registered podiatrist Andrew Stanley is offering help to all those with foot, knee, and leg problems.

Andrew, of Station Road, Giggleswick, runs Rebound, on The Sidings, along with his wife, Ann, and has treated people from as far afield as Wrexham and Glasgow.

He examines the patient's feet then videos them on a treadmill to analyse exactly how they move. He then uses a plaster cast of the foot to make inserts if they are required. These inserts - called orthoses - correct defects in the way the feet hit the ground.

Remove the defects and you cut out excess stresses on certain parts of the feet and legs, so relieving the pain.

Among the injuries he has successfully treated are shin splints, chronic achilles tendonitis and Osgood Schlatters syndrome, which affects adolescent boys' knees.

His patients include pensioners and schoolchildren as well as sportsmen and women.

Beci Shepherd, of Prospect Terrace, Settle, suffered agonising knee pain which halted her progress as a promising discus thrower. Her mum, Mary, explained: "She had a bad knee for 18 months to two years which started when she was doing sport at the middle school. She could hardly walk, she had some anti-inflammatories from the doctor and went for physio, which did help, but as soon as she started sport again she was in real pain."

Mary took 15-year old Beci to Rebound as something of a last resort, and was amazed when Andrew showed them what was going wrong, and gave her some inserts to correct it. "When we came out and she had the temporary inserts in her shoes, she said she could walk without her knee hurting. The next day she played hockey for six hours in a tournament - before that she couldn't even finish a game.

"Since then she has made the national finals in the discus, and she couldn't throw it before because she couldn't spin on her knee. It was like a miracle really."

Top local rugby player Charles Vyvyan, of Wharfedale, was also successfully treated when he suffered problems after breaking his ankle.

"I had some problems with my ankle, and by working with Andrew it also cleared up one or two problems further up with my knees and hips. It was all down to the position of my foot," said Charles, who had previously put all his other difficulties down to the inevitable knocks associated with playing rugby.

He was already aware of the benefits of podiatry from team-mates while playing for Sale rugby club but it wasn't until Craven osteopath John Brewster suggested consulting Andrew that he went to Rebound.

Andrew can be contacted on 01729 825900.

Pictures by Stephen Garnett.

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