Rebound Clinic




Name Chris Stoves
Age 17
Location Lancashire
Occupation Student

   "I am a 16 year old athlete and during the winter of 1999-2000 suffered constant pain in my feet.
    I went to my GP who suggested cortisone injections. As I did not want to have these we made an appointment to see a specialist privately who took an x-ray which showed that I have a divided sesomoid. He referred me to the foot clinic in Lancaster to have some insoles made.
    Whilst at the foot clinic I was told about the Rebound Clinic and made an appointment there. Before having insoles made by Rebound clinic I was unable to complete a training session but once I received the insoles I could train for a full session of one hour plus do 3 mile runs without feeling any pain.
    Since having the insoles fitted in February 2000 I have completed a very successful season on the track, improving my personal best time for 800metre by 2 seconds to 1.52.69 minutes. I am sure that without the Rebound Clinic's help this would not have been possible and would highly recommend them to anyone suffering from foot problems."


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